PPI Claims

The average PPI claim is £2750

DO NOT use a cold calling, spam texting PPI claims handler as they will take 30% of any compensation you get

You are just as likely to be successful if you do a DIY PPI claim and keep every penny

It will only take you 15 minutes to fill out the complaints questionnaire


Need to know

  • PPI (payment protection insurance) is designed to cover you if cannot make a repayment due to illness, an accident or redundancy
  • You are likely to have been sold it if you’ve ever bought anything on credit or if you have taken out a credit card, store card, loan or mortgage
  • The issue? You don’t HAVE to get the PPI offered by the lender, in fact you don’t have to get PPI at all but many people were mis-sold PPI for years before the banks were caught out
  • PPI could have been mis-sold by the lender telling you that their insurance was compulsory or it could have been added without your knowledge- you may have had to opt out of PPI and were not informed. 
  • Another issue was that PPI was unsuitable for many people who were sold it anyway. For example,you may not have been covered due to employment status or health; you may have already been covered; the PPI cover may have been the wrong length of time or in only one name on joint borrowing 
  • Both PPI claims handler and agents and DIYers have an 81% success rate with PPI claims. You gain NOTHING by using a third party, not even time, as they will need to take much of the information you will be entering into the PPI claim form anyway
  • To find out if you have PPI check your original documents. If you no longer have these you can write to the lender using our template or call the lender (SEE BELOW) to find out. They have to provide these details by law, although it may take them a couple of days

How to claim

To start the process of claiming your PPI you again have two options:

1. Call the lender (SEE BELOW). You should be prepared to state your account number, dates of your agreement, your PPI number (if you have it), how the PPI was sold to you (online, over the phone, face to face) and how you think it was missold.

2. Write to the lender, your PPI claims cover letter can be very brief just stating your name address and the PPI complaint you are making. You should also include a completed questionnaire from the Financial Ombudsman. If you need help completing the questionnaire you can call the Ombudsman 0300 123 6222. The questionnaire asks:

  • for the lender's details, your PPI details including policy number and dates and the details of how it was sold to you
  • whether your PPI is still running, if you've ever made a PPI claim and accompanying paperwork
  • why you wanted the PPI, what you were borrowing and if you ever missed payments
  • your personal circumstances and employment details at the time 
  • why you're choosing to issue a PPI claim 

The lender has 8 weeks to respond to your PPI Claim. If you haven't received a satisfactory response by then you should call the Financial Ombudsman with your complaint. The Ombudsman regulates the banks and has a a huge amount of PPI Claims to go through so it may take a couple of years for your case to be resolved, but it will be worth the wait!

Financial Ombudsman

check this out

Why we like it:

  • telephone helpline 0300 123 9 123 is open Monday to Friday – 8am to 8pm, Saturday – 9am to 1pm and is GREAT really helpful
  • the Ombudsman have the questionnaire you can use to start your claim
  • they will help you with the questionnaire even if you are not sending it to them
  • they will take up your complaint if you are unhappy with the lender's response

Watch out:

  • a complaint can take up to two years to get a resolved

What happens next

check this out

Lenders details


Bank of Scotland

Halifax/Bank of Scotland , PO Box 548, Leeds LS1 1WU

08457 25 35 19


Barclays PPI Dept, Leicester LE87 2BB

0845 755 5555

Capital One

Executive Office, Capital One, PO Box 5281, Nottingham NG2 3FA



Citibank International plc, Global Consumer Banking, PO Box 49930,   London SE5 7XT

0800 00 55 00


Customer Feedback, The Co-operative Bank plc, 4th Floor, Miller   Street, Manchester M60 0AL

0844 826 7805


Halifax/Bank of Scotland, PO Box 548, Leeds LS1 1WU

08457 25 35 19


HSBC, PPI Complaints, PO Box 6177, Coventry CV3 9HPU

0800 881 155

Lloyds TSB 

Lloyds TSB, Tredegar Park, Newport NP10 8SB

0845 6012 683


The Customer Advocate Office, MBNA Europe Bank Limited, PO Box 1004,   Chester Business Park, Chester CH4 9WW



Royal Bank of Scotland Group, 5th Floor, Hardman Boulevard, Manchester   M3 3AQ

0800 015 0319


Complaints, Santander UK PLC, PO Box 1125, Bradford BD1 9PG

0845 600 6014


(TSB customers should continue to use the Lloyds TSB contact)


The inside track

  • If you used a private company (before 2005) that allowed you to pay on credit- perhaps you had an extension done or took a loan from a car dealership- you may have been mis-sold PPI but unfortunately this doesn't fall under the jurisdiction of the Ombudsman. If you think you fall into this category you should still call the Ombudsman as they will be able to point you in the right direction.

  • Help prevent spam and ANNOYING unsolicited texts by forwarding spam text messages to 7726. Once you message your network they should be able to block further messages from that number
  • You can register your number for free on the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) to prevent cold calls from PPI claims marketing companies. It can take up to a month for it to fully kick in but after that any marketing calls you get are breaking the law and you can make a complaint against that company on the TPS site.

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