Beauty from the baby aisle

Did you know that making a detour down the baby aisle of the supermarket can save you money on your beauty products?

It is true!  Our great little secrets about buying from the baby aisle can save you £££s a year

This is all the stuff the big retailers don't want you to know!


Need to know

  • When shopping for beauty products head to the baby aisle at the supermarket. Big shops often package the same type of product differently and charge more for it if it is classed as a beauty product. In fact, beauty staples like cotton wool, cotton buds and some great moisturisers are all cheaper in the baby department
  • Little known fact! The ingredients in make-up remover and baby wipes are often identical but the wipes can be gentler for your skin and usually smell really lovely too!
  • No joke! Waitrose do a lovely moisturiser called Baby Bottom Butter but it is AMAZING for grown-ups too (for your face though, not your bottom!)  Lots of Beauty Editors swear by it!
  • Although bio oil is excellent for stretch marks and scarring, it is expensive. We use baby oil as it is amazing at keeping your skin hydrated
  • If you are weaning your baby and up to your eyes in puree, use leftover fruit or veg in your fridge to create a face mask. Give half an avocado to baby and mash up the rest for a face mask with cucumbers for your tied eyes.  Glorious!
  • If you have an allergy to sun cream or find it too harsh, try a baby alternative.  It is just as effective but often much lighter and can offer greater protection
  • Baby shampoo is really gentle and GREAT for your hair as it makes it really soft and shiny (and is LOADS cheaper)
  • Sudocrem and Bepanthen nappy creams are excellent for any cuts or scrapes you might get (particularly good for broken skin on heels)
  • If you have trouble sleeping, try soaking in the bath with a lavender baby bedtime bath. Far cheaper than the grown up alternative
  • If you tend to get greasy hair, try a little talcum powder on your scalp to soak up any excess oils - who needs dry shampoo?!


ProductBaby alternativeSaving
Olay everyday sunshine moisturiser £19.98 for 100mlWaitrose bottom butter £2.56 for 100ml £17.42 per bottle
Nivea facial cleansing wipes 10p per wipeHuggies Pure baby wipes 1.8p per wipe8p per wipe
Bio oil £10.00 for 100mlBaby oil 92p for 100 ml£9.08 per bottle
Johnson’s cotton buds £1 for 200Own brand cotton buds 35p for 20065p per pack
Cosmetic cotton wool balls £1.55 for 100Baby cotton wool balls £1.43 for 10012p per pack

Get the best deal


Why we like it:

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  • saved both time and money by comparing across all supermarkets
  • alerts you to all special offers
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Watch out:

  • for home delivery only
  • usual supermarket delivery charges apply


Why we like it:

  • covers thousands of products and brands
  • have to search through A LOT of products
  • often have special offers especially on bulk purchases

Watch out:

  • always check delivery price and opt for free delivery when possible

The inside track

  • Supermarkets are ALWAYS having special ‘baby events’ where they heavily discount their baby items so keep an eye out and BULK up on your favourites
  • When buying larger sizes, always check the price per unit to make sure you are TRULY getting the best deal
  • Don’t be afraid of own brands, often the expensive brands have the same ingredients but you are paying for packaging and marketing costs
  • Shop around for your favourite products to ensure you get them for the best possible price – buying in bulk can often help you save in the long run

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