Broadband, TV & Phone

More than half of us are on outdated, expensive packages for our telephone, broadband and digital TV

Combining  2 or 3 of these services in a bundle could SAVE you up to £413 a year

Around a third of broadband customers don’t combine services even though they can make big savings by doing this

Call the FREE switching service 0800 781 4020 (or 0203 092 5045 from mobile) today to find the best deal for you. Lines open until 8am to 9pm Monday to Sunday.


Switch your provider

We have already done the work for you and found some of the best value deals around

 Before switchAfter switchSAVING UP TO...
Broadband & home phone£487£195£292
Broadband & home phone, and TV£745£332£413

Need to know

  • Pay a year in advance if you can. This can save you up to £50 a year
  • By opting to have your bills delivered electronically rather than sent by post or by accessing your account online, you can save up to £15 a year and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too
  • Haggling can save you hundreds of pounds and never underestimate the power of threatening to leave.

The inside track

Even if you end up sticking with your current provider, you should still compare deals on offer so that you are armed with lots of bargaining power!

You need to make sure that you are getting value for money and are on the right deal for you.

  • Look at what you are paying for each month.
  • Are you using everything? Do you need more or less? You can upgrade or downgrade, even if you are still under contract with the provider.
  • Never sign up to something just because it's a good deal. Make sure you really want all of the services it is offering.

Ofcom recently launched a Price Accreditation Scheme which offers consumers peace of mind that any price comparisons of fixed line, mobile, broadband and digital television services offered by accredited companies, like Consumer Choices, are accessible, accurate, up to date, transparent and comprehensive.

If you have old an old Sky set top box or hub then you can recycle them and receive high street vouchers in return.

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