Car insurance for mums

ALWAYS shop around for car insurance and NEVER EVER auto renewOn average we save nearly £220(1) a year by shopping around

When buying car insurance there are a number of special things for mum to think about. 

Remember, it is ILLEGAL to drive without insurance


Need to know

  • If you’re having a baby your lifestyle will probably change.  For example, you may be doing fewer miles. This will lower your premiums so tell your insurance company. If your premium reduces, make sure you get a refund
  • If you are on maternity leave, then your occupation for insurance purposes stays the same. If you leave work to look after your child, then tell your insurers that you are a stay at home mum (don’t say unemployed if you are a housewife – this will save you about 10%)(2)
  • At renewal time, see if you could save by comparing quotes with a comparison tool
  • Always play around with the variables for your quote. They can make a HUGE difference
  • Think about the cover you need as a mum.  A courtesy car following an accident may be more important to you when you have children to drive around. Breakdown cover will help you in a crisis. Are replacement keys covered if they get lost?
  • Check the provider will replace your child’s car seat if you have an accident

Compare Providers

Make the most from your insurance

Excess Busters

Why we like it:

  • Allows you to cover your excess
  • Increasing your excess will likely reduce your premium
  • Low cost and can save you money!
  • Available for multiple insurance types

Watch out:

  • Doesn't cover windscreen repair or glass replacement

Play with the variables

Play around with some of the variables to try and decrease your quote even further. This could take you another 10 minutes but the extra time is worth it. We have done it and found that the savings can be HUGE!

  • No claims bonus – This is THE BIG ONE. The longer you have gone without making a claim, the lower your premium. In a lot of cases, no claims of 5 years or above could lower your premium by 60 to 70%!(3) You will find your current no claims bonus on your insurance certificate
  • Your occupation – You may become a stay at home mum, or your job may change. Choose the title that best applies to you (but do not lie) and see if the premium changes. Changing your title from unemployed to housewife can save you money!
  • Excess – Raising your excess by a couple of hundred pounds can cut your premium by up to 20%(4). However, you will have to pay this amount at short notice if an accident happens so please make sure you can really afford it
  • Security – Don't forget to mention any alarm you have, this can lower your premium on average by about 5%(5)
  • Mileage – Be honest. If you are only doing short journeys each day, your mileage may be low. 5,000 miles a year is just over 13 miles every day. Limiting your mileage to 12,000 miles will save you 10% on average(6)
  • Immobiliser - If you don't yet have an immobiliser check and see if getting one will drop your premium, you can buy them for as little as £30 on Amazon

Go direct

The inside track

  • Your seat belt may be uncomfortable when heavily pregnant. It’s illegal to not wear it, so use a Bump Belt to make you more comfortable
  • Legally your child must be seated and driven in a correctly secured car seat that is suitable for the child’s weight and size. This is typically a rear facing baby seat until 15 months old, a forward facing car seat until 3 years old, and a booster seat or cushion until 12 years old or 135cm tall
  • It is easy to be distracted by your child. Avoid turning around to help them. You should keep your eyes on the road until you find a safe place to stop. A back seat mirror will help you see your baby’s face in the rear view mirror
  • Modifying your car with, for example, spoilers or fancy wheel trims could bump up your premium
  • Baby on board stickers help make other drivers aware of your precious load, but make sure they don’t obscure your vision
  • If you have penalty points then you should still shop around for your insurance rather than auto renew


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