Children's Clothes

94% of mums spend more on their child’s wardrobe than their own 

The average cost of a one year old’s wardrobe of clothes is £327 but they GROW FAST!

Children only wear each item of clothing around 12 times!

By shopping smart you can save up to 90% on your child's clothes


Need to know

  • Children grow incredibly quickly - 25cm in the first year, 6cm a year from aged 2 onwards
  • The difference between shoe sizes is 8mm. Baby feet grow at 1.5mm a month, children’s at 1mm a month – this means that a child will grow out of a pair of shoes (a whole shoe size) within about 8 months (if you’re lucky!)
  • The BEST place to buy the basics are the supermarkets. You can get packs of vests, t-shirts and tops for not much more than £1 each, especially in the end of season sale
  • You can get some great second hand bargains on auction sites like eBay and through local events such as NCT sales or local Facebook selling groups
  • Don’t be put off by the price of high end brands - get on their mailing lists, follow them on Facebook and twitter and you’ll be the first to hear about discount codes and sales
  • You can get high end brands- and stylish international ranges- at greatly reduced prices through secret sales sites
  • Spend now, re-coup later– If you do decide to blow the budget on the odd high end piece, sell it on later. We have sold our Mini Boden and Joules second hand clothes on ebay for more than we paid for them in the sale!
  • If you are in a temporary financial freeze, some companies like Littlewoods let you spread the cost of your purchases if you take an account with them. BUT always read the small print and be sure you’ll be able to pay off the total (with interest) in full to avoid being stung by ridiculously high APRs (which most of them have)

Secret sale and discount sites

Half-Pint Chic

Why we like it:

  • sources gorgeous childrenswear offered at slashed down prices
  • won’t swamp you with emails – just one weekly sale notification

Watch out:

  • £3.95 postage


Why we like it:

  • daily high end flash sales
  • lots of choice and constantly changing stock
  • no one brand stays on sale longer than 72 hours
  • easy to shop on the move- great app

Watch out:

  • high volume of emails
  • slow delivery can take weeks
  • sales begin at 6am and popular items sell out fast
  • postage from £3.95



Why we like it:

  • from Tesco
  • REALLY cheap basics
  • school uniform
  • FREE click and collect from store

Watch out:

  • standard delivery £3.95


Why we like it:

  • GREAT for basics
  • free delivery on some items
  • some fashionable items
  • school uniform
  • always has sale items

Watch out:

  • not the biggest range
  • Items that don't qualify for free delivery will be charged £2.95 upwards


Why we like it:

  • regular discount events
  • stylish range - good for occassionwear and accessories
  • GREAT for basics
  • click and collect
  • school uniform

Watch out:

  • £3.95 delivery charge
  • can take 7 days for items to arrive

Nearly new and auction sites


Why we like it:

  • usually a brilliant range and choice of items at rock bottom prices
  • contrary to popular myth you don’t have to be an NCT member to go along to your local nearly new sale

Watch out:

  • you have to go there and battle with the crowds and the queues – get there early


Why we like it:

  • literally thousands of items available
  • refine your search according to size, condition etc
  • look out of ‘clothing bundles’ which could work out cheaper
  • good for out of season items

Watch out:

  • individual sellers won’t accept returns
  • check the seller has a good rating


Why we like it:

  • wide range of children's clothes
  • has second hand designer options
  • free membership
  • can sell on after use for free
  • monitored site

Watch out:

  • seller will set the price so may be expensive
  • register option a little hidden- select 'new member' then press Log In
  • does not handle the payments so use your best judgement

The inside track

  • Brands that hold their value particularly well include Joules, Boden, Gap and John Lewis
  • Know the jargon – when you are buying online - BNWT/BNWOT – means brand new – with or without tags
  • Look online for shoes. You can usually save up to 70% by buying shoes online. Clarks are now selling foot measurers so that you can measure at home, giving you the choice to buy from anywhere. It is a bit of a faff but allows you the chance to measure and buy quickly online in a sale.  However, check that you are buying real leather if that's what you want!


Here are our top tips for getting the greatest value out of your kid’s clothes:

  • For babies, avoid one piece outfits with feet in – there is literally no room for them to grow
  • Don’t get sucked in to matching sets – items are easily lost or stained
  • Careful of buying items with 'characters' on them as children's tastes change RAPIDLY!
  • Patterns can be more forgiving if you have a particularly sickly baby or messy child
  • Don’t get guilted in to organic – yes, it’s lovely and soft, but fabric conditioner is cheaper
  • Don't feel forced into buying 'labels' or big brands, supermarkets and stores like Primark and M&Co have gorgeous items for half the price
  • If you have several children, neutral shades for big ticket items like coats mean that you can easily pass them on without any arguments!
  • Girls can get away with wearing dresses as tops (with leggings) once they get too short.  Make them last!
  • Keep certain clothes for messy actvities so that you don't ruin good items
  • Don't buy expensive pyjamas - they will get milk-stained!

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