Energy Crowdswitching

There are many ways to reduce energy bills but one of the most effective and uncommon is through a collective switch

Collective switching was first championed by the government in 2012 and its aim was to promote the benefits of switching and show just how much households could save. Unfortunately, it failed to take hold and many people continued to pay over the odds for energy

However, over the past year, the scheme been resurrected and thousands of people up and down the country are saving hundreds of pounds on their energy bills 


Need to know

  • Collective switching is when a large group of people go through a common body, such as the local council, to register their interest in changing energy suppliers and lowering their bills
  • The amount to be saved through collective switching varies from person to person as it depends on usage and how expensive the existing tariff already is
  • It requires very little effort as all negotiations are done on your behalf, you simply have to wait for the new tariff to be presented to you and decide if you want to switch to it

How it works

  • A collective switch first requires a certain amount of people to register their interest in switching before a specific deadline
  • Once the registration deadline has passed, the body who are conducting the switch will assess the energy needs of the group to gain a clearer understanding of what is needed
  • The body will then hold an auction during which suppliers bid for the group’s business, often offering market beating tariffs as the business of a group is worth more than the business of an individual
  • Once a deal has been negotiated those who registered will be presented with the tariff and can make a decision to accept it or not
  • Unless specifically stated, at no point is there an obligation placed on the consumer to accept the deal that is presented to them, if you’re not happy with it then you don’t have to take it
  • After this comes the acceptance period which is a set window of time for you to consider the deal and decide what you’ll do with it

Crowdswitching Clubs

Let's Save on Energy

Why we like it:

  • Energy Crowdswitching
  • Hassle free
  • Could save you hundreds of pounds
  • Average customer saving during the last switch £274
  • Leave your details and the rest is taken care of

Watch out:

  • Only available certain times of the year

The inside track

  • It’s highly unlikely that if you choose to take part in a collective switch that you’d be offered a worse tariff than the one you’re currently on. Your business is too valuable to the energy companies so they’ll want to bag as many of you as possible
  • Collective switches occur on average 3 times in a year so if you miss out on the first one there will be another one a couple of months down the line
  • The whole switching process is very straightforward as it is your supplier who has to organise the switch, all that may be required of you is a final meter reading to finally shut your account
  • If you’re interested in switching your energy tariff but don’t want to take part in a collective switch, have a look at our energy switching guide for more info

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