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Energy Saving


Despite being fed up with rising bills, we can be a pretty reckless bunch when it comes to wasting energy

You could save money in loads of ways – some quick and easy and others more time consuming and costly, but all will save you money in the long term


Free Boiler

A brand new boiler costs on average £2300 and can save as much as £340 a year in bills. British Gas, EDF, Npower and SSE all offer free or low cost boilers and installations if you meet the criteria.

You may qualify for a free boiler if:

  • Your household income is lower than £16,101
  • You receive tax credits
  • You receive income-based support like pension credit and income support and are over 60, have children or have a disabled person living with you

You can find out if you qualify by contacting the Energy Savings Trust on 0300 123 1234 or by going to freeboilers.me.uk


Save the most

Cavity Wall Insulation

Why we like it:

  • takes 2 hours to install
  • There's a BIG push at the moment to fit more house with this for FREE

Watch out:

  • usually only for houses built between 1930 and 1995
  • Need to act now to benefit from FREE offers
  • If you live in council housing you will not be eligible
  • No offers for Northern Ireland

Radmiser energy monitor

Why we like it:

  • Allows you to monitor and control your energy usage remotely from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Can control radiators in individual rooms at specific times of day with their intelligent radiator valve
  • Allows you to remotely turn appliances off standby with their special adapter
  • Call 0800 978 8616 for more info

Watch out:

  • Initial cost is expensive but can easily be recouped
  • Valves are £49.95 each

Solid Wall Insulation

Why we like it:

  • big annual savings

Watch out:

  • at least 12 years before you recoup the cost

Loft Insulation

Why we like it:

  • quick and easy to install
  • pays for itself within 6 months

Watch out:

  • you may already have some so check

Under Floor Insulation

Why we like it:

  • reduces heat loss by 10%

Watch out:

  • only suitable for older houses

Draught Proofing

Why we like it:

  • improves heat loss by 30%

Watch out:

  • at least 2 years before you recoup cost

Double Glazing

Why we like it:

  • usually a 10 year guarantee on work

Watch out:

  • at least 12 years before you recoup cost

Solar Power (see guide below)

Why we like it:

  • great for the environment
  • big savings

Watch out:

  • large initial outlay

Free Solar Power

Why we like it:

  • free to install
  • great for the environment

Watch out:

  • savings are less

Quick wins

Energy Monitor

Why we like it:

  • helps change behaviour by telling you what you are using and when
  • our preferred OWL monitor is recommend by Which.co.uk
  • you can analyse and visualize your behaviour by plugging monitor into your computer

Watch out:

  • more expensive than the cheapest energy monitors

Eco Kettle

Why we like it:

  • only boil the exact amount of water you need
  • has a washable limescale filter
  • it has a locking lid for safety

Watch out:

  • wait a few seconds after boiling to avoid spitting while pouring

Multi-Socket 5 - Standby Saver

Why we like it:

  • turns off the power supply when appliance is left on standby
  • most sockets will save similar amounts, so we recommend SAVASOCKET as the cheapest one

Watch out:

  • bulky design


Why we like it:

  • good draught-proofing for your letterbox
  • Prevents up to 27% of your heating escaping through your letterbox

Consider solar panels

You have 2 options with solar panels, you can either buy them outright or get them for free

The inside track

  •  If you are a low earner, a pensioner, long-term disabled or have young children you may be entitled to help with your energy bills
  • Always read the meter so that you pay for what you USE rather than what the supplier THINKS you use. Find out how to check your gas or electric meter
  • LED lightbulbs, which can cost as little as £5, could save you a massive £350 a year
  • Check out the Government Green Deal where after a paid assesment (around £150) you could claim cashback for energy saving improvements you make to your home or business- it's first come first served though so be quick!
  • Look for this logo when replacing your electrical or white goods, as it shows that the product is more energy efficient.
    Energy Saving Trust
  • Two of the biggest savers are actually the easiest so:
    • Turn the thermostat down 1 degree and SAVE on average £70 a year!
    • Turn off appliances rather than keeping them in standby mode and SAVE on average £35 a year!

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