Furnishing your home

Despite the fact DFS ALWAYS has a sale on, buying BIG bits of furniture costs A LOT

In fact furnishing your new home can cost as much as 25% of the value of your home!

But there are LOADS of ways to cut your furniture costs

Including  free furniture projects and second hand bargains online and on the high street

And the great value for money brands selling new furniture 


Need to know

  • What you need: If you're moving into your first unfurnished home you'll need a bed, storage, a sofa, dining table and chairs. Many homes now come with white goods (fridge, cooker, washing machine) check before you buy!
  • Where to find it: There are lots of ways to find cheap, good quality furniture. You can buy second hand online from sites like ebay, where someone in the office bought a pair of sofas for £26! Preloved and Gumtree are also great and often have people giving away furniture for FREE, you just have to collect it
  • There are also furniture projects, charities that help those on low incomes and benefits by providing free or cheap furniture and white goods, some will also sell to everyone
  • You can visit charity furniture stores like the British Heart Foundation or any other second hand furniture shops you have in your area. Car boot sales are also great for furniture and you might even grab a bargain antique!
  • If you want to buy new, IKEA and Argos are almost always the cheapest. ASDA and Tesco also sell furniture and do have cheap options- although are MUCH better for small homeware, like cooking utensils
  • TOP TIP to see prices from lots of retailers at once, type your item eg 'Double bed pine' into the shopping search on Google 
  • Renting furniture: Don't bother, grab a second hand bargain instead
  • Don't forget delivery: If you are buying second hand online you may have to go and collect, make sure you factor the cost of a van to the overall price
  • You can find cheap man and van options for your area on Gumtree, try to get an overall price for the delivery so you don't get hit with extra charges for overtime or stairs!
  • Don't forget to measure! There's nothing worse than buying lovely new furniture and then finding you can't fit it in! (p.s. measure doors and corridors too)

Great for second hand - in store


Why we like it:

  • bargain home furnishings
  • shops around the country
  • overseas delivery available

Watch out:

  • standard delivery £3
  • extra courier charges apply for high-value or bulky items

Furniture Re-use Network

Why we like it:

  • directory for furniture projects
  • furniture projects give free or cheap furniture and white goods to those on low incomes or benefits
  • some will allow everyone to shop with them
  • can also donate unwanted furniture

Watch out:

  • you may need proof (referral letter from Social Services or similar) to qualify for the discount
  • different rules apply to different projects/stores

British Heart Foundation furniture

Why we like it:

  • shops around the country
  • sofas from £95
  • beds from £50
  • washing machines from £60
  • TVs from £25
  • wardrobes from £40
  • will also collect unwanted furniture for free

Watch out:

  • may find a better deal online
  • will still have to arrange/ pay for delivery

Great for second hand - online


Why we like it:

  • it's FREE & entirely nonprofit - people give away items for free in their own towns and neighborhoods
  • free membership
  • keeps good stuff out of landfills!

Watch out:

  • only active in certain areas
  • not able to see images of item
  • based on description only


Why we like it:

  • wide range of furniture available
  • bidding means you can get a bargain
  • purchases protected by paypal
  • sellers generally upfront about the standard of their product
  • sellers given ratings from past transactions

Watch out:

  • you may have to collect
  • you are likely to be dealing directly with a private seller rather than a store


Why we like it:

  • range of furniture available
  • prices set by seller so vary
  • items given away for free

Watch out:

  • pay via paypal
  • you may need to collect


Why we like it:

  • free listing site, wide range available
  • some items given away free
  • also has ads for 'Man with van'

Watch out:

  • there are occasionally scams, pay via paypal or on collection
  • may have to collect items

Great value new furniture

Matalan Direct

Why we like it:

  • good quality furniture for less
  • frequent offers and sales
  • free delivery on orders from £249

Watch out:

  • different delivery charges apply - standard starts at £3.99
  • large item delivery from £19.99

Marks & Spencer

Why we like it:

  • currently buy 2 save 20% on selected furniture
  • good quality
  • free delivery for most furniture

Watch out:

  • next day delivery £3.99 applies to certain items
  • not as cheap as others


Why we like it:

  • generally low priced
  • reliable quality
  • frequent sales
  • double divan beds (inc mattress) from £165

Watch out:

  • delivery charges apply (£8.95 for large items, £3.95 for small)


Why we like it:

  • very cheap, very reliable
  • most furniture flat packed so it fits in cars
  • beds and frames from around £70 each
  • 2 seat sofa bed £75

Watch out:

  • delivery from store possible, charges apply
  • large items bought online cost from £35 to deliver
  • Small items cost £7.50 to deliver

How to pay

  • AVOID 'Buy now pay later' options which increase the cost of your purchase
  • INTEREST FREE CREDIT is readily available, it is often offered by the supplier, you can also get it with a Purchase Credit Card 
  • Check how long you have to pay and what the interest will be when your deal expires. If you were spending £1000 on furniture at John Lewis you could apply for a year of interest free credit with 5% APR after, the Halifax Purchase credit card would give 30 months but with 18.9% APR after
  • If you still have debt on your Purchase Credit Card you can switch to a Balance Transfer Credit Card for another 0% deal, BUT it is much better to set up a payment plan to ensure your debt is cleared in time
  • If you want to spend a large amount and pay it off over a few years a low interest personal loan offers a straightforward option. If you wanted to borrow £7.5k over 5 years you could apply for a loan with as little as 4.5% interest

The inside track

  • Freecycle can be good depending on your area. People give away all types of things from sofas to swings to soil
  • If you can't afford the best mattress invest in a memory foam mattress topper, this will give you the effect of a memory foam mattress at a fraction of the cost (From £26 on Amazon)

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