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More than half of us have not switched our phone provider within the past five years

By switching you could save £100 a year on calls and line rental

The two main reasons people switch are for cheaper bills and better service. With over 25 home phone providers in the market, you CAN get a better deal

Call the FREE switching service  0800 781 4020 (or 0203 092 5045 from mobile) today to find the best deal for you. Lines open until 9pm Monday to Friday and 6:30pm on weekends



Get the best deal

Sky Talk Evenings & Weekends Extra

Why we like it:

  • inclusive calls to UK landlines, UK mobiles, 0845 & 0870 numbers during the evenings & weekends
  • FREE voicemail & caller display
  • Automatic number withold

Watch out:

  • £4 a month
  • line rental from £17.40 a month
  • 12 month contract


Why we like it:

  • FREE weekend calls

Watch out:

  • there is a 17.07p set up fee for calls
  • Calls to mobiles are 13.65p/min
  • Landline monday-friday 10.24p/min
  • new customers only
  • line rental £17.99 a month
  • 12 month contract


Why we like it:

  • Free for 12 months then £9.99 a month + £50 cashback
  • free weekend calls
  • cheaper line rental if you pay upfront and online
  • Unlimited Broadband
  • Only pay for the calls you make
  • Free calls to Plusnet phone customers at any time

Watch out:

  • line rental £17.99 a month
  • 12 month contract

Need to know

  • BEWARE – 15% of UK homes are locked into a rollover contract which means that it automatically renews itself after its initial period has ended (usually 12, 18 or 24 months), unless you actively opt out. This means that you would then be unable to leave the contract without paying a cancellation penalty. These penalties can be MASSIVE!
  • Usually there will be no connection fees to pay if you are simply reactivating an old telephone line. However, if you are moving into a brand new house or if your home has never had a telephone line then you will need to pay a connection charge – sometimes up to £150
  • If you can afford to pay your line rental upfront you can save up to £50 a year BUT in the small print it often says there will be a £1.50 extra charge if you don’t use the phone more than twice a month
  • To be able to compare deals you need to work out WHEN you make most of your calls so that you get the right package, as charges vary for daytime, evening and weekend calls. Check what your provider classes as peak time in the evening
  • Call the FREE switching service 0800 781 4020 today to find the best deal for you. Lines open until 9pm Monday to Friday and 6:30pm on weekends

The inside track

  • Once you have picked your deal, in most cases you just fill in an application form online and the provider takes things from there. The process should take between 14 to 21 working days, and there shouldn’t be a break in your service
  • Apart from Virgin, almost all phone providers use the same copper wire system which means that there should be no need for a new telephone line. However, Virgin use a cable, which would require external ground work to install. This is something that you need to factor in when making your decision. In very basic terms – BT’s new fibre optic is best, then cable, then copper wiring
  • Most of the time, you will be able to keep your current phone number and all of the features you have on your line, like premium rate barring. However you should check that your new provider charges the same for these features. The only real time that you may have to change your number is if you move from a BT line to Virgin. It is still unlikely though

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