Cheaper insurance is possible if you know HOW to drive down the cost. 

By shopping smarter you could potentially reduce your premium and make significant savings.

Cut back on bad practices and never allow your insurance to auto renew!

Follow our need-to-know guides to see how how you could possibly save on your premiums.


Need to know

  • Try to make a one-off payment each year and it could save 10%!
  • There are LOADS of ‘variables’ on each quote and it’s worth playing around with them. We list all the BIG ones that can save you A LOT of money in the 1 minute guides to different insurances
  • You now need to renew your driving license photo ID every 10 years. Check the date on the front of yours. You can easily apply online or by post (forms from the post office of the direct gov link above). It costs £20 but not doing so could cost you a nasty £1000 fine!
  • Don't' lie! It will invalidate your insurance if you need to claim
  • Ask for a quote to protect your no claims bonus. In all insurances it is A LOT cheaper with no claims

The inside track

  • Many of the cheapest quotes come from insurers that you may not have heard of. Don't worry, they all have to be regulated and in a lot of cases they are owned by bigger insurers anyway.

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