Loyalty Schemes

The only way to get the best price is by shopping around

But if you shop at any store with a free loyalty scheme, always get involved and earn rewards

By being more savvy you can boost the power of your loyalty points and in some cases get FOUR TIMES more than the original value


Need to know

  • The big hitters of the loyalty card world are Clubcard, Nectar and the Boots Advantage cards. They give points for in store or online spending which you can then use to buy products or trade for rewards
  • There are lots of ways to earn LOADS more loyalty points. For example, Boots Parenting Club will give you 10 points for every pound you spend on baby products and there are always extra points up for grabs on products throughout the year
  • When it comes to spending points, Clubcard and Nectar points can more than DOUBLE in value when spent on rewards (have a look at our table)
  • Check where you can spend the points you earn. Clubcard, Nectar and Waterstones are some of the only cards that will let you spend points away from the mother store
  • Also check where you can collect points so you don't miss out. Nectar especially, can be collected all over the place including Homebase, BP and eBay!
  • There is now the equivalent to cashback sites but for loyalty points. Nectar eShops is a site where you can collect Nectar points on more than 500 brands online and it also has an app. However unless you spend a lot in Boots or Sainsbury's regular cashback sites offer A LOT more flexibility
  • BE WARNED some stores have cards that provide credit with AWFUL interest rates masquerading as loyalty schemes (Debenhams and TopShop for example). These cards should be avoided. However the Clubcard and Nectar Credit Cards have great rates and are worth looking at if you are thinking of getting a rewards credit card

  • AVOID FEES. Some schemes (like Amazon’s Family Club) will charge you an annual fee to gain access to points and discounts.  Whilst the discounts can be good it's expensive if you're not a very regular spender (it costs £50 a year!). However they have a FREE months trial which is DEFINITELY worth signing up for. Just remember to cancel it BEFORE the month is up or you WILL be charged


What the points are worth

Where to earn them 

Cash value of points 

How much do you spend for 500 points

What you can get for 500 points in store (including online)

The best you can get for your 500 points elsewhere

Tesco Clubcard points

  • 1 point for every £1 spent in store
  • 1 point for using your own bag
  • 1 point for every £2 on Tesco petrol   
  • £0.01
  • £500 in store
  • £5 off your shop
  • £20 voucher for restaurants
  • £20 voucher for days out
  • 1200 Avios Airmiles
  • £15 of hotel vouchers

Nectar points

  • 2 points for every £1 spent in Sainsbury's, Homebase and on ebay
  • 1 point for using your own   bag
  • 1 point for every £1 spent at Sainsbury’s and BP petrol stations
  • Points at a range of online stores via nectar eshops
  • £0.005
  • £250 in store
  • £2.50 off your shop
  • £5 voucher for Merlin Attractions
  • £2.50 voucher for restaurants
  • £3.75 voucher for Pizza Express
  • £2.50 voucher for easyjet
  • £2.50 voucher for Vue cinema

Boots Advantage Card

  • 4 points for every £1 spent in store
  • Points at a range of online stores via Treat Street
  • £0.01
  • £125 in store
  • £5 off your shop
  • N/A- in store only

Co-operative Membership*

*Rewards may change based on Co-op’s annual profit

  • 1 point for every £1 spent in store or at any Co-op business
  • £0.01
  • £500 in store
  • £5 off your shop
  • N/A- in store only


  • 1 point for every £1 spent in store or online
  • £0.01
  • £125 in store
  • £5 off your shop
  • N/A- in store only

The Loyalty schemes


Tesco Clubcard

Why we like it:

  • vouchers for rewards can be worth 4 times the value
  • collect points on all Tesco brands including broadband and mobile
  • wide range of rewards including magazine subscription

Watch out:

  • in store vouchers are worth less
  • in store vouchers expire after 2 years
  • reward vouchers generally expire after 6 months

Boots Advantage Card

Why we like it:

  • best points to £1 ratio
  • earn double, triple and even quadruple points on items
  • can spend points online

Watch out:

  • can only spend points on Boots products
  • you cannot pay with a mix of points and money
  • if you loose or damage your card you will loose all the points collected

Nectar Card

Why we like it:

  • collect in a number of stores
  • collect when donating to Oxfam
  • gives discount vouchers for Sainsburys
  • spend points on days out including swimming and cinema
  • spend at restaurants
  • spend at Argos and on eBay
  • sign up and manage your points online

Watch out:

  • less 'powerful' than Clubcard points when spent on rewards

Co-operative Membership

Why we like it:

  • earn points across all the co-op brands including insurance
  • BRILLIANT co-op members offers like £50 off an O2 contract

Watch out:

  • points can only be spent in store

Superdrug Beautycard

Why we like it:

  • well worth having if you shop there
  • can mix points and cash when paying

Watch out:

  • can only spend points in store

Waterstones Loyalty card

Why we like it:

  • earn 3 points for every £1 spent online or in store
  • get an extra 5 points for using your own bag
  • points get discounts at a number of literary attractions
  • good deals on bestsellers

Watch out:

  • not always the cheapest place to buy books


Why we like it:

  • can join myWaitrose for free in store or online
  • get a free cup of tea or coffee in store
  • 20% off your choices
  • the chance to win your weekly shop

Watch out:

  • not a traditional loyalty card- offers benefits rather than points
  • benefits will not reflect how much you spend in store

The inside track

  • Loyalty cards are great all year round but are really useful during the Christmas period for cashing them in to buy presents and during school holidays when they can be spent on attractions. This can really cut your costs for entertaining the kids
  • Clubcard has an app which loads your Clubcard onto your iPhone so you can scan your phone at the till. It also allows you to check your points balance. Nectar have a more interactive app which you can use on android phones as well as Apple. It sends you exclusive offers and gives fast access to nectar eshops
  • Tesco Clubcard points take about 2 years to expire. If you have unspent Tesco clubcard vouchers you can find them online on the Clubcard site by registering your details (or logging in) and clicking the 'My Vouchers' button on the left.  It amazing how much you might have accumulated! 
  • If you are confident you can pay off your balance in full you can combine your loyalty card with a cashback credit card to earn even more back


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