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76% of mobile users WASTE an average of £195 a year by being on the wrong mobile phone contract

Knowing what you WANT is easy but make sure you know what you NEED and will realistically use 

You should search for the best mobile NETWORK, best mobile TARIFF and the best mobile DEAL

See below for the best mobile deals this week 


Need to know

  • You don't need to PAY for extra or unlimited text messages in your mobile deal. Instead use free messaging like WhatsApp, iMessage and BBM
  • If you already have the mobile handset you want it will be cheaper for you to get a pay as you go or sim only deal
  • READ THE SMALL PRINT and always know how long the mobile contract is, how long your cooling off period is when you can return it and get a full refund. You should also check for any clauses where ‘unlimited’ minutes or texts are actually only to the same network or only after 5pm. Sneaky!
  • KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. If your provider hikes prices during your contract they must give you 30 days notice. You can leave during this 30 days without having to pay cancellation fees BUT you may have to pay the remaining cost of your phone
  • CHECK YOUR COVERAGE. What's the point in owning a 4G phone if you can't get 4G? Check for Vodafone, O2 (which includes Giff Gaff and Tesco Mobile), EE (which includes Orange, T-Mobile and Virgin) and Three

Do you need mobile insurance?

  • Mobile insurance can be EXPENSIVE with a lot of exclusions but if you shop around and check the small print carefully, mobile insurance CAN be good value
  • You may already have it! If you have a home insurance policy check to see if your phone is covered
  • Similarly, if you have a packaged bank account this may include mobile phone insurance
  • Read the small print and make sure you know what you are buying, in what circumstances you will be paid out, if a replacement will be new or refurbished, or if you can recover data with your package

Check out these mobile insurance deals


Why we like it:

  • Accidental damage covered as standard
  • Instant cover
  • The lowest excesses in the UK
  • Unlimited claims
  • Cover for use by immediate family

Watch out:

  • Phone must be less than 18 months old when you take the policy out
  • Accidental loss (additional £1 a month)

Make sure you are on the right tariff

Let's Save Money Compare

Why we like it:

  • compares over 1million deals
  • can search by cashback only deals
  • gives a detailed tech spec of each phone you select

Watch out:

  • slightly cluttered page layout

SIM only vs contract

  • If you are looking to cut back on your bills then a SIM only deal might be a good option to consider
  • PAYG and SIM only deals are now extrememly competitve 
  • No restrictive long term contracts
  • You don't have to pay a premium for the handset if you buy the phone up front
  • Contracts are great if you can't afford to pay for the phone and are happy to spread the payments over a long period
  • You do however need a credit check
  • Chances are that on a contract you will get a better data allowance over PAYG and SIM only, but hopefully for consumers that will change in the future

Our favourite contract mobile deals this week

iPhone 6s Plus 16GB in silver for £35 a month

Why we like it:

  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 1GB internet
  • With Three

Watch out:

  • 24 month contract
  • Upfront cost of £49.99

LG G5 Grey for £24 a month

Why we like it:

  • 600 minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 500 MB data
  • With Three
  • No upfront costs

Watch out:

  • 24 month contract

BlackBerry Leap Black for £28 a month

Why we like it:

  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • 1GB internet
  • With Vodafone
  • No upfront cost

Watch out:

  • 24 month contract

Our favourite pay as you go mobile deals this week

Don't want to be tied to a long contract? You don't have to be!

PAYG phones starting from 99p

Why we like it:

  • no monthly contract, pay as you go
  • great for kids
  • perfect as a second phone
  • great for festivals

Watch out:

  • many are non-smartphones

Budget phones with some great cheap minutes and texts

Our favourite budget smartphone deal this week

Our favourite sim only mobile deals this week

What is cashback by redemption?

  • Cashback by redemption usually means that you won't get the cashback upfront, instead you get it in instalments over the duration of your contract period
  • Usually involves applying for cashback using bills and vouchers at specific times
  • Obviously involes a bit of work on your part, but can be worth it to save money
  • Make sure you read the small print before you buy

The inside track

  • See if your company will provide a mobile phone for you, you may be able to get a discounted deal. If you don’t ask you don’t get!
  • Rather than cancelling your contract early and footing the bill, consider an early upgrade. Call your network and barter with them to get a better deal. Remember, they want to keep you on the books so be persistent
  • A poor credit rating may mean you are declined for certain deals. If you’re worried you can easily check and improve your credit rating for free
  • Don’t pay a fortune ringing expensive numbers. Saynoto0870 and 0800buster can help you save

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