Pre-Payment Meters

Around 5.9 million people in the UK have a prepayment energy meter but they are DEFINITELY not the right choice for everyone. They work like a kind of top up card (in the same way as a pay as you go mobile) where you buy the credits first. They are usually installed into homes that have got into some financial difficulties, to help them budget and manage their debt.

Whilst this is a great idea UNFORTUNATELY the cons far outweigh the pros with a prepayment meter.


So how do you find the best deal for you?

  • You can try and SWITCH TO A STANDARD METER. BUT you may be charged as much as £160 for removing the old prepayment one and installing the new one
  • There may be hoops to jump through so make sure you have a CURRENT ACCOUNT and have been DEBT FREE FOR 3 MONTHS
  • Once you've got rid of the pesky thing then you can come back and see us and really take advantage by COMPARING ALL DEALS
  • If you just can't get rid of the dreaded prepayment meter, do not despair as you can SWITCH PREPAYMENT TARIFFS and save as much as £200. However, the savings do tend to be much smaller than this.

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