Smart Meters

So you've heard about these new smart energy meters but don't know how go about getting one or if it will cost you money? You've come to the right place

By 2020 every home in the country will have a smart meter and they can help to significantly reduce your energy usage and in turn, your energy bills


When can I get a smart meter for my home?

Public awareness of smart meters is fairly low, with as many as 55% saying they were none the wiser in 2013 in a uSwitch poll. We think they are going to revolutionise the energy industry in the UK for the better, so spread the word!

The government rollout of smart meters is expected to start late 2015All properties in the UK are eligible. Depending upon your supplier, you may already have one or be getting one soon. Call your supplier to check.

Installation of your smart meter is set to be hassle free, with your energy provider installing and taking responsibility.

All consumers are protected by Ofgem's Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice, which states that additional selling of services cannot take place during installation, meaning you won't be pestered


The benefits of a smart meter

  • The average dual fuel customer can expect to save £25 a year by 2020 and £30 a year by 2030 with a smart meter
  • You don't have to pay to have a smart meter installed! The cost of supplying and maintaining your traditional energy meter is added to your bill already, and this won't change
  • You aren't locked to a single supplier. All smart meters will be connected to a communications network meaning that should you want to switch tariff or energy provider, you can do so
  • Meter readings will be sent automatically, meaning you will always have an accurate and up to date bill. For anyone who has lived in a block of flats and had to go on an expedition through the bowels of the building with a torch looking for the meter, this should be welcome news!
  • The best thing about a smart meter is the fact that you can monitor your power usage daily, see what you are using, how much it costs and take greater control. Daily monitoring of your energy use is going to save you a lot of money!
  • You will be able to access your usage information online or via an app to help keep your bills down
  • The amount of energy saved by all of us across the UK will really help lower our carbon footprint

The inside track

  • Nearly four in five smart meter customers believe their bills to be accurate (79%)
  • In contrast, only 59% of customers without smart meters trust they are getting the right bill
  • Satisfaction rates are high with over eight in ten recommending them (84%)
  • Smart meters may make you more energy aware with 79% of consumers making an effort to cut down on energy as a result
  • *All figures are from the Smart Energy Outlook report published in Sept 2015

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