Supermarket Shopping

For lots of people, paying for their groceries is one of their biggest monthly outgoings

BUT EVERYONE can save money on their groceries by changing their supermarket shopping habits

Planning your meals, switching brands, finding online bargains and avoiding sneaky tricks in store can save you HUNDREDS of pounds a year! 


Need to know

  • You can save an average of £20 a week by doing your supermarket shopping online and having it delivered. This will save you time, money and petrol as well as stopping the EXPENSIVE habit of popping to the shops on a daily basis to get meals.  You are also less likely to impulse buy!
  • Take advantage of first time discounts and price matching. The big online supermarkets offer changing incentives to lure you in (listed below)
  • Lidl and Aldi are great options.  You'll have to pop to the high street, but it could bring down the cost of your basics and has branded goods at lower prices than most of the supermarkets.  Aldi also run Special Buys which are valid for a short period of time but offer amazing reductions
  • Tesco has revamped its Price Promise, turning it into a Brand Guarantee which matches competitors’ prices on branded products and does away with money-off coupons in favour of a discount at the till
  • ASDA offers a Price Guarantee where you can enter your receipt number online and you will have the difference refunded if you could get your basket for a better price elsewhere.
  • Ocado has a Low Price Promise where they send a voucher to use next time
  • Morrisons has Match and More were they will give you points if your shop could have been cheaper in Aldi or Lidl
  • Sadly Sainsbury scrapped its Brand Match in April 2016 and no longer provide vouchers if you could have saved money on branded items in Asda and Tesco.
  • Make sure you’re a member of the free loyalty schemes offered as there are ALWAYS ways to save money on your supermarket shopping
  • Don't forget you can get cashback on your groceries. Quidco's Clicksnap and Topcashback's Snap and Save  allow you to buy featured products instore and send a picture in to redeem the cashback
  • There are some other great apps to help save you money, including MySuperlist by MySupermarket that helps you find the best genuine deals in store
  • Having 'Clever Cupboards' with essentials that mean you can always create a meal from scratch will help you avoid frequent trips to the shops. Check out our list of 'must haves' at the bottom of the guide

6 supermarket shopping rules

Supermarkets have all sorts of sneaky ways to try and get us to buy more! These 6 simple rules will help you save

1. Take a list. A menu planner will help you figure out what you need for the week.  Everything in the supermarkets from where the products are placed (ever wonder why milk and bread are normally at the back?) to the special offers are designed to make you buy extra, a list will help you avoid impulse buys and also stop you buying things on an ad hoc basis (which ALWAYS ends up costing more)

2. Compare price per kilo rather than the stickered price to make sure you are getting the best priced fruit and veg and always look at price per unit on everything else.  Sometimes it is cheaper to buy two smaller boxes rather than one large box or individual apples rather than a bag.

3. Rethink your meat choices there are cheaper types and cuts of meat around. Turkey is far cheaper than chicken and lamb shoulder is cheaper than leg of lamb. If you're sticking with chicken go for a whole chicken (£2.25per kg) which is FAR better value than a pack of chicken breasts (£10 per kg) you should be able to get three meals out of a whole chicken (eg. roast, pasta, soup).  Don't be afraid to experiment with cheaper cuts - ox cheek, pork cheek and beef brisket are all delicious and easy to cook (especially in a slow cooker)

4. Visit the right aisle. The end of aisle offers and conveniently placed goods (like naan bread in the ready made curry section) often won’t be the best deal

5. Check your receipt as sometimes the offers advertised don't automatically get taken off your bill.  Make sure the BOGOFs, special offer price and 3 for 2 deals have been deducted.  It doesn't always happen!

6. NEVER SHOP HUNGRY everything will look more appetising and the very deliberate smell of the bakery will get you buying more



 Find the best prces online on one handy site


Why we like it:

  • can compare all your groceries
  • compares the major supermarkets
  • quick list searches for multiple items
  • includes details of vouchers and discounts
  • features savvy buys for the week

Watch out:

  • normal delivery charge of your customer chosen supermarket will apply'
  • doesn’t include ALL supermarkets

Online stores and first time discounts

Approved Foods

Why we like it:

  • VERY cheap clearance food
  • can save up to 70% on shopping*
  • good deals on luxury items
  • good for bulk buys
  • home delivery
  • offers muti-box delivery options

Watch out:

  • home delivery is £5.99 for a box containing up to 25kg
  • £17.50 minimum spend
  • *when comparing RRP against Approved Food prices


Why we like it:

  • consistently cheapest
  • Toddler and Baby Club
  • ASDA Price Guarantee
  • cheap delivery daytime during the week (£3)
  • 6 month delivery pass £36
  • can search for your whole list at once

Watch out:

  • crowded home page
  • minimum order £25


Why we like it:

  • 1 hours delivery slots from £1
  • whole month's deliveries from £3
  • Tesco Clubcard vouchers and rewards
  • Baby Club
  • Brand Guarantee
  • can search for your whole list with 'multisearch'

Watch out:

  • no free delivery slots but does have Tesco Delivery Saver scheme which is a £40 minimum spend


Why we like it:

  • £18 off first shop (£60 minimum spend)
  • Nectar points and rewards
  • cheap evening deliveries (£2.95)
  • can search for your whole list
  • Sainsbury’s Little Ones

Watch out:

  • minimum order is £25
  • no longer offers Sainsbury’s Brand Match


Why we like it:

  • £10 off first online shop when you spend £50 (click 'check this out')
  • matches Tesco’s price on brands
  • Waitrose Groceries and own value range
  • free late night deliveries during the week

Watch out:

  • £40 minimum spend
  • will send emails encouraging you to shop shortly after you register


Why we like it:

  • £20 off your first online shop if you spend £100+- code AQ1AH20
  • free delivery
  • for shops under £60 they will deliver free to your closest store
  • deals and Brand Match to rival other stores
  • Waitrose TV with some interesting recipe videos

Watch out:

  • minimum spend £60 for free home delivery
  • generally slightly more expensive
  • no search with entire shopping list option


Why we like it:

  • increasingly available
  • being rolled out across the rest of the country
  • 50p off home deliveries in june
  • £1 off peak delivery
  • app available

Watch out:

  • £40 minimum spend for delivery

The inside track

  • Take note of your local supermarkets closing time and swing by to pick up reduced meat, fish, dairy and baked goods. Especially good on a Sunday at around 3.30pm
  • Aim for at least 2 veggie days per week.  This means large lentil dishes and big veg casseroles. Look at BBC Good Food for thousands of free recipes
  • Buying in bulk and cooking big batches to freeze some will save you both time and money
  • Don't be afraid of buying own brand products or switching your brands more often.  In a lot of taste tests there is no difference and Aldi's own brand often beats a lot of the more premium brands!

Clever Cupboards: Stock up your kitchen

Having a well stocked kitchen means you'll always have tasty options and will help prevent you nipping out to get meals and doing extra supermarket shopping. We like to call it the Ready Steady Cook cupboard!  Here's a list of the basics:


Baked beans

Corned beef

Tinned tomatoes


Pulses – kidney beans, butter beans, chick peas

Coconut milk


Tomato sauce

Mint sauce

Worcester sauce

Soy sauce


Stock cubes

Garlic puree

Gravy granules

Herbs – basil, rosemary, sage, bouquet garni

Spices – cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, chilli powder, cumin, garam masala



Curry paste







Malt vinegar


White wine vinegar


Olive oil and veg oil

Tomato puree




Long life fruit juice



Part baked bread



Cous cous


Digestive biscuits








Oven chips

Peas and broad beans


Minced beef

Whole chicken and thighs


White fish

Ice cream

Home-made Fruit lollies

A loaf of sliced wholemeal bread

Any cuts of meat that you find on offer – buy them and freeze them



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