Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can be VERY cheap, often costing less than the price of a takeaway.

There is no excuse. As a nation, we spend more than double the cost of an average single trip travel insurance policy on magazines and sweets at the airport.

Can you afford to write-off the £1,500(1) cost of clothes, gadgets and toiletries taken on holiday by the average British family if you lost it? Most of us take our BEST things away with us.


Get a quote

To get cheaper travel insurance you should take 4 steps.

  • Compare providers. It takes about 10 minutes
  • Play around with the variables
  • Check your credit card deal or bank account and see if it comes with travel insurance
  • Make your decision and transact!

Play with the variables

Play around with some of the variables to try and decrease your quote even further. This could take you another 10 or 15 minutes but the extra time is worth it. We have done it and found that the savings can be HUGE! However, you MUST make sure that you are still covered for the things that matter to you.

  • Annual vs Single trip – There are loads of variables here so be honest on how many times you will go away. We found two single trip policies were cheaper than an annual policy in some cases. Results changed by age, and for single person versus couple or family cover. Check out both options.
  • Winter sports – again be honest. In a lot of cases adding winter sports cover significantly increases your premium
  • Individual vs family cover – it is usually cheaper to insure the whole family on one policy. However, some joint or family insurance policies may not cover you to then travel individually
  • Europe vs Worldwide - make sure that your policy covers your destination and don't pay extra for worldwide cover unless you need it

Go Direct

Remember, there are some insurance providers who don't use or appear on comparison sites so make sure you check direct with a few to make sure that you are getting the very best rate outside of comparison providers


Credit card deal

Some credit cards offer free travel insurance. Most of the time these "freebies"’ are not worth it on their own UNLESS the card has a good offer and rate of interest anyway.

You should check whether you already have one of these cards and what level of cover it will give you as some only offer the minimum amount.

They sometimes cover anyone travelling in your party, it's worth checking if you are going with friends as you could be covered on theirs.


Need to know

  • The first thing you need when travelling to Europe is a European Health Card (EHIC). Remember though, whilst it entitles you to medical treatment in a state hospital within the EU, it should not be a substitute for insurance as it may not cover emergencies and WON'T cover missed flights etc
  • If you tell your insurer about any existing medical conditions then they will be able to confirm whether or not any claims relating to them can be covered. Cover may be free of charge or require payment of an additional premium. But if you do not tell your insurer about an existing condition they may not pay for medical treatment if you need it
  • If you are taking expensive items with you, such as laptops or cameras, then make sure their value is within the single item claim limit on the policy you have chosen


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