Uniform Tax Allowance

Good news! Anyone who works and wears a uniform is most likely entitled to a uniform tax allowance

The rate of tax you can claim depends mostly on the industry you work in but you could claim as much as £60 for filling out a simple form

It's a no brainer!

If you wear a uniform to work you should claim your tax back and we can show you how to do it


Need to know

  • You must have paid income tax during the year you are claiming for
  • You’re required by your employer to wear a uniform while at work
  • If your employer cleans or provides facilities to clean uniforms then you cannot claim
  • You can claim back as far as 5 years (this includes the current tax year)

Who is eligible for the uniform tax allowance?

Broadly speaking, anyone who wears a uniform for work is eligible to claim. Typically this covers:

  • Catering and hospitality

  • Retail

  • Healthcare workers

  • Mechanics

  • Some teachers

  • Airline workers

  • Police officers

  • Lorry drivers


How to claim

  • In order to make a claim you need to notify the government by using a P87 form to ‘claim tax relief on employment expenses you’ve paid during the tax year’

  • You can find the form and information on how to complete it here: Form to claim back uniform tax

  • The P87 form is only for expenses less than £2,500 a year, if you want to claim for more than that you will need to complete a Self-Assessment tax return

  • You can get started by calling the government helpline on 0300 200 3310

  • When filling in the form remember that you will need a separate on for each year you are claiming if you plan on backdating

  • It’s not just uniform expenses that you can claim for with this form so make sure you put down other costs if they are applicable (professional subscriptions, hotel and meal expenses etc.)


The inside track

  • Even if you wear an unbranded uniform (such as a plain polo shirt) you may be able to claim, provided they are only worn for work
  • There are other job specific expenses you can claim for with the same form, be sure to find out exactly what you can get back

  • If you’ve never claimed and take the full five years you could get a payment of £60 to £120 depending on your tax band

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