Using Vouchers

Vouchers are cool! Whether you are in store, at a restaurant or online ALWAYS check if there’s a voucher

The average person saves £1200 a year using vouchers, money-off deals and freebies!

Vouchers can be used WITH cashback sites too – DOUBLE the bonus – and even cashback credit cards for TREBLE!


Need to know

  • Always remember to SAVE because of a voucher but don’t SPEND because of the voucher. Think about what you need to buy and then look for the discount code.  Don’t buy it just because the discount is good
  • Before you do anything, ALWAYS check to see if there’s a discount voucher for it
  • There are two types of vouchers:
    • Printable vouchers - These can work in two ways.  Either you can open them on a website and print them off immediately or you’ll need to add in some details and the restaurant or store will email you directly with your voucher.  It will then need to be handed in at the point of sale.
    • Voucher codes - These are fantastic for internet shoppers and in store by quoting a code from your smartphone or smartphone app, and can save you loads.  They usually work at ‘checkout’ when you’ll be asked to add in a promotional code.  The discount will then automatically be applied.
  • Remember to check the small print on any discount code or voucher to check what is valid, whether there are any conditions or time limits and how you need to use the voucher
  • Many sites contain vouchers that are MONTHS out of date so don’t get caught out when you’re googling the voucher.  Try googling the name of the store, followed by ‘voucher code’ or ‘promotional code’ and the month and year e.g. Pizza Express voucher June 2017

Voucher sites


Why we like it:

  • fantastic for everyday items like coke or Weetabix etc
  • up to the minute
  • online community
  • allows you to photograph and write about offers you see
  • AMAZING app
  • rating system

Watch out:

  • hard to browse new deals as there are new posts constantly so very disorganised

Voucher Cloud

Why we like it:

  • very well organised website
  • separated by mobile
  • postcode and standard voucher
  • you can search by category and by location
  • location sensitive deals on the app

Watch out:

  • they have limited exclusive offers


Why we like it:

  • Always do well in search engines
  • good emails
  • great app

Watch out:

  • have loads of generic offers that you would find in store or online anyway i.e. nothing new


Why we like it:

  • The app is great if you allow it to know your location so great if you are on the go and need a quick voucher for lunch for example
  • easy to search by category
  • good exclusives which are easy to find

Watch out:

  • website can be confusing as there are so many offers

The inside track

  • GMAIL TRICK! If you have a voucher that is limited to one-per-person then you can use this trick to get that voucher multiple times without having to set up loads of different email addresses. Firstly you need a gmail account, they're very easy to set up and use. Now, when you're signing up for a newsletter from a retailer you can input your normal address but also include full stops in it too. This will register as a different email address with the retailer but not with gmail so it'll be forwarded to your normal account and voila, multiple discounts!
  • If you forget to get a voucher code whilst out and about then don’t worry as you can usually search for one using a smartphone if you have one and it is always worth checking if you are in town.  These apps will tell you all the codes in your immediate vicinity. Vouchercloud, Wowcher, Vouchercodes and HotUKDeals all have apps readily available to download from your smartphone app store - what's more, they're all FREE.
  • You should never eat in a high street restaurant without checking for a voucher first. Burger King, Carluccios, Pizza Express, All Bar One, Strada, Café Rouge and many more have great 2 for 1 offers that run almost continually so CHECK online
  • Lots of high street fashion stores like Gap and Banana Republic also have great voucher codes, sometimes you can receive a voucher just for signing up to a newsletter
  • You often get bonus offers and vouchers when you first subscribe to something. For example, most of the big supermarkets will give you a discount code when you first sign up for online shopping
  • It is not just nationally or in a big chain where you can use vouchers.  Sometimes your favourite local pub or cinema will offer vouchers too so always check
  • Don’t forget there are also free sample sites springing up like magicfreebies, Latest Free Stuff  and freebielist
  • There are some great daily deal sites like Wowcher, Groupon and Living Social. These sites are good to look at if you know you want a treat but they will send you a high volume of emails once you've signed up. Our trick in the office is to create a 'deals' folder in your inbox and divert the emails to there so they dont clog up your inbox
  • You can buy top up and gift vouchers on Ebay BUT these fall outside buyer protection so if you get scammed you will lose your money. There are ways for seller's to get high ratings and then start to scam so keep your money safe and DON'T buy vouchers for more than around £10

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