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Water bills went up by an average 5.7% this year but who provides our water is purely down to where we live.

What that costs each month is then down to how big the region is, how much water it has got and then finally, what YOUR household uses.

This means that there are only certain ways that we can control our own bills.


Save money on water bills


The biggest saving could be to switch to a water meter. They are installed for free (although sadly not in Scotland) and means that your bills would be based on the amount of water you use, rather than being a fixed amount each year.

As a rough guide, if there are more bedrooms in your house than people, then you should investigate getting a water meter.

The average saving with a meter can be £100.


Smaller savings can be made by using some of the great gadgets on the market

Cost (avg) Annual saving (avg)

Eco Balls

  • an ecofriendly replacement for detergent
  • good for sensitive skin
  • come in different fragrances
  • work on a lower temperature and shorter wash




Will last 1000 washes. We've tried them and like them. Ave cost with washing powder is 28p per wash. Saves £255 per 1000 washes

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Eco Eggs

  • saves £216 per 720 washes
  • an ecofriendly replacement for detergent
  • good for sensitive skin
  • come in different fragrances
  • we have tried them and like them




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Water Butt

  • by storing rainwater in a water butt, you can keep a supply of water for your garden instead of a hosepipe




Savings will vary

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Pulse Eco Flexible ShowerHead XL

  • reduces usage (and heating bills) by using different flow of water




Studies have shown this shower head can save 40-60% water usage in your shower

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Efergy Shower Time - Timer

  • alerts you when you have used a certain amount of water to prompt you to shorten your showers




Studies have shown that reducing your showers from 7 mins to 4 mins can save up to £77 a year for a water metered home with an electric shower

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Need to know

Naturally BEING MORE EFFICIENT is something that you have ACTUAL control over. You can reduce the water you use at home in loads of clever little ways. The Energy Saving Trust has an AMAZING tool that works out where YOU personally can cut your water bills.

Remember, it is often the simple things that work!

  • Turn off the tap when cleaning your teeth
  • Have showers rather than baths
  • Turn the hot water down slightly in the shower
  • Put a full load in the washing machine
  • Don't over fill the kettle
  • Re-use water from a tumble dryer condenser to water plants
  • Mend dripping taps
  • ALWAYS know where your stopcock is in case of a leak!

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