How we are financed

Firstly, thank you for using our site! We are a journalistic website for consumers, made by savers for savers. When writing we aim to condense all the noise out there into relevant, simple to use 1-minute guides on subjects that matter to you.

When we have completed a 1-minute guide or other article we contact the people mentioned in the guides. We try to build affiliate relationships wherever possible. Sometimes it works, others it doesn't but that's how we get funding to keep delivering more relevant articles to you. We are fully 100% independent and only talk fees with anyone after we have written and researched our articles and provided ways of you taking ACTION to save you money.

An affiliate relationship means that people pay us a fee for helping customers visit them. This does not change the price you get as a customer, whether you save through our website or directly through another source. The more funds we receive, the more money our audience will have saved.

We don’t highlight deals we make money from and which we don’t. We want to make the information you read as uncluttered and straightforward as possible. You should assume we have affiliate relationships and receive a little referral fee from everyone on our site. That's how we keep our website free to use.

We should also tell you that we are not perfect! We aim to read and try out all of the relevant products on each subject we aim to provide the best guides, tips, tools and techniques to help you save money, but we will sometimes make mistakes and therefore as a journalistic website the use of the information on our site is at your own risk and we can't accept liability if something goes wrong.

As a journalistic website our guides, tools and money saving techniques does not constitute financial advice. Everyone’s circumstances are different, so it is important to supplement our guides with your own individual research to suit your circumstances. It is also for that reason that we cannot take responsibility for the content and solidity of the many websites we offer links to, we aim to only link up with the best companies in their sectors. There may be important information about the companies that we will not have access to when making our recommendations.


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