Stand out this Christmas with these alternative gift ideas

As you get older, Christmas can start to feel a bit repetitive. Every year you give and receive the same kind of gifts – so much so that the years start to merge into one. This year, stand out with some alternative Christmas gifts.

Swap, don’t shop

If the thought of buying one more skin care set or box of chocolate fills you with dread, set up a swap shop this Christmas for all your friends. Instead of buying each other gifts, let people trade unwanted items with each other. This is a win-win situation for everyone. Not only can you choose a gift you really want, but you can also get rid of some unwanted items.

If you want to get the most out of your swap shop, wait until the New Year and let people trade any unwanted presents.

Give the gift of giving

Eventually, you reach a stage in your life where everyone you know already has everything they want, making Christmas shopping a little tricky.

For the people that already have everything, why not donate to charity in their name instead. Oxfam Unwrapped, for example lets you buy a virtual charity gift (such as a goat for a village in need, school supplies, or clean water), and give a card explaining the process to your recipient.

All the Oxfam Unwrapped gifts can be purchased online, but if you want to support your local Oxfam shop you can also buy them in store.

Go Go Gadget!

Every Christmas a whole new array of silly and outlandish gadgets and gifts emerge. While not always the most practical presents, these toys always stand out from the traditional Christmas gifts.

This bright pink micro robotic cleaning ball will make it easier for your house-proud pals to keep their homes clean, and will add a little colour to the affair too!

Add a touch of nostalgia to this Christmas with these retro lights from IWOOT. Available for both Tetris and Star Wars lovers, it’s bound to brighten anyone’s Christmas.

Last updated: Friday, 9 December 2016


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