A very nostalgic Christmas: 90s vs. Now

There’s no doubt about it, the 90s were a glorious time. Toys were brighter, songs were cheesier, and fashion was wackier. In honour of the internet’s favourite decade, we’ve looked back at some of the best Christmas trends of the 1990s. Get ready for some serious nostalgia!


The 90s were a simpler time. Technology was just starting to infiltrate everybody’s homes, but it hadn’t quite reached the lofty heights of today.

Whilst last year’s list of best-selling gifts included FitBits, Kindles, and smartphones, 90s kids were begging for Game Boys and PlayStations – with graphics that would make any modern child cringe.

Of course, if you want to relive the 90s in all its pixelated glory, old consoles are available to buy second-hand. But if you just want to bring the essence of the 90s into your life, a novelty Game Boy wallet from Amazon could do the trick.


Whilst many of the classic 90s Christmas toys, such as Lego, are still popular with children today, there were some truly classic 90s toys that 21st century kids would never dream of asking for!

The top selling Christmas toy of 1998, for instance, was the Furby, which reached over 40 million sales in just three years. Although Furbies made a comeback in 2012, their popularity certainly peaked in the 90s. Avid fans can still pick up new generation Furbies online – but it’ll set you back £80.00!


Before X-Factor graced our screens and colonised the Christmas number one slot, December was a time for delightfully cheesy Christmas songs. Whilst many of our favourite Christmas tunes hit the airwaves in the 70s and 80s, the 1990s saw the birth of some classics too.

Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You was released in 1994, and quickly became a staple of every office Christmas party. Slightly less catchy, but equally as popular, was Bon Jovi’s rendition of Please Come Home For Christmas, also in 1994.

Modern listeners can fill their houses with the dulcet tones of Michael Bublé, but there was something truly magical about 90s Christmas songs.


Christmas for many families wouldn’t be complete without an afternoon in front of the telly.

Christmas specials have become somewhat of a tradition in the UK, with all the big shows and soaps vying for the British public’s attention on Christmas Day.

The 90s saw some of the best Christmas specials going. The three Only Fools and Horses Christmas specials of 1996, for instance, remain some of the best-loved comedy episodes of all time.

In recent years it seems our tastes have shifted slightly, with Downton Abbey claiming the most viewers on Christmas Day in 2015. 

Last updated: Tuesday, 13 December 2016


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