Top travel tips for before you go

Planning a holiday is rather daunting. The pre-holiday stress can cloud your thoughts and even make you forget the most obvious and vital items. If you’re lucky enough to be getting away in the next few weeks, make sure you’ve got everything covered with this quirky little checklist.

Protect your getaway

Travel insurance is one of the most important add-ons for any holiday. It’s remarkably cheap, particularly when you consider what it covers – which can be anything from your travel firm going bust to expensive overseas medical treatment. 

Get holiday peace of mind with our comparison tool and find a policy to suit you.

Invest in a travel guide

Knowing a little bit about where you’re going can help you plan your days. Waterstones have great picks to choose from to keep you on track – and all from as little as £6!

Make overseas spending easier

If you’re a frequent traveller, using your normal credit card regularly is not ideal. With the Post Office Platinum credit card, you can access your money for free and travel easy along with other incentives too. With no fees on purchases overseas, you also reap benefits with no cash fee when you purchase Post Office Travel Money.

Know your baggage allowance

Airlines can be particularly strict on weight allowances so make sure you weigh your luggage before you leave. If you chance it, you may end up forking out up to £40 for extra baggage allowance. Tesco have a range of scales to choose from.

Your route to the airport

If you’re driving to the airport, why not book beforehand? Purple Parking is one of the largest off airport car park operator in the UK and can make your pre-holiday process a lot easier to handle.

Let your bank know

If you feel like you may have to use your debit or credit card while you're away it’s best to let your bank know before you go. Sudden spending abroad can alert your bank to think that fraud may be occurring and they will block your card as a security measure.

Last updated: Wednesday, 15 February 2017


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