The price of stamps will rise this month

From the 27th March 2017, the prices of both first and second class stamps in the UK will rise.

Royal Mail have said that the price increase – which will take first class stamps up to 65p, and second class stamps up to 56p – is necessary to maintain the ‘universal service’.

Prices for large letter stamps will also rise, with stamps for large first class letters and large second class letters rising to 98p and 76p respectively.

Although the new prices may seem steep to some, Royal Mail has highlighted that the price of UK stamps is much lower than the rest of Europe. In Europe, the average price of a first class stamp is 87p - over 20p more than in the UK. Similarly, European second class stamps cost 12p more than their British counterparts.

Will the increase in stamp prices affect you? Will it change your letter-sending habits? Have your say in our latest poll.

Last updated: Tuesday, 28 February 2017


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