Landline bills to drop for BT customers

Landline-only BT customers are set to get at least £5 a month off their bill. Telecoms regulator, Ofcom, have signalled the changes, stating that BT’s landline-only customers were not getting value for money. Given that these customers are often elderly or vulnerable, ensuring they pay a fair price is paramount.

BT have said that it takes its responsibilities to customers “very seriously”. That’s why they offer special tariffs to “socially excluded or vulnerable customers”, and why they froze the cost of line rental for all customers with a BT phone line.

Currently, BT landline-only customers pay £18.99 a month, but the new price cut will see that price fall to £13.99 – effectively reversing the price increases of recent years.

Ofcom hopes that BT’s price reduction will prompt other providers to follow suit. Since BT has nearly 80% of the UK’s landline market, the price reduction is likely to encourage competitive pricing among other providers.

The price drop will only apply to landline-only customers, meaning ‘package’ customers who take out broadband with their landline may end up subsidising line rental rates for landline-only customers.

That’s why it’s important to ensure you’re always getting the best deal for your broadband and line-rental. You can use our dedicated comparison engine to see if you could pay less with another provider, or see if you could get extra benefits such as TV packages or free weekend calls. 

Last updated: Wednesday, 8 March 2017


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