World Health Day 2017: 4 top tips for a healthier you

With World Health Day just around the corner, we thought we’d take the opportunity to show you how you can be healthier without breaking the bank.

The day focuses on building a better, healthier future for people all over the world, but we know that keeping on top of your health is easier said than done. Here are four top tips for maintaining your health.  

1. Eat right

Looking and feeling great starts from the inside, and that means eating the right food. We all know how important a balanced diet is, but getting it right can be a difficult task. Start with the “Eatwell Guide” and you’ll be on track. Cheap fruit and veg can be found at your local market, water is FREE and there’s almost always a fresh food deal at Tesco – where you’ll find your daily dose of protein for less than £3.50!

2. Get physical

With the right food should come the right amount of physical activity. The good news is you can keep fit without the need for an expensive gym contract. Walking, jogging, and playing in the park are all easy ways to reach your recommended daily dose of exercise. You can even shape up in the comfort of your own home – Argos has a range of fitness equipment to choose from, with selected items currently half price!

3. Work your mind

A healthy body should also have a healthy mind. Preserving your brain’s health is much like keeping your body in shape. Meditating, learning, socialising and the right amount of sleep can ensure your mind gets the workout it needs. A good read can also help – whether it’s something new or something to inspire, Waterstones has great picks to choose from.

4. Pamper yourself

A little pamper every now and then does a whole lot of good for your well-being! Cut the cost of your beauty routine without the sacrifice.  Try own brand versions – which are just as good as their branded counterparts - or discover the benefit of shopping around for your favourite hair and beauty products. Online discount stores such as lookfantastic and are perfect for getting your favourite brands for less.

Last updated: Tuesday, 4 April 2017


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