245,000 Wonga customers affected by data breach

Wonga have warned 245,000 of its customers that their personal data may have been accessed in a data breach.

The payday lender is believed to be "urgently working to establish further details and contacting those who we know have been impacted" and began contacting borrowers by email and text message on Saturday.

What has been taken?

Wonga disclosed the information may have included names, email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers, the last four digits of a card number, bank account numbers and sort codes. They are sure that account passwords have not been compromised but have advised its customers to be vigilant and make password changes should they feel concerned. 

How did this happen?

Fraud and cybercrime has cost the UK nearly £11billion in the past year and is unsettlingly becoming a fact of modern life. Wonga have assured it operates to the “highest security standards” but are seeing illegal attacks becoming increasingly sophisticated. It has not yet been disclosed how the data was accessed.

What should customers do?

While Wonga has reassured that its customers’ accounts are secure, it has also notified its customers to change their account passwords and be extra vigilant across any other accounts and online activity. Monitoring bank transactions for suspicious activity and being cautious of unusual phone calls or emails is vital.

What will this do for Wonga?

The breach is a further blow to the payday lender which has tried to improve its reputation after a bout of controversies. Details have, however, been passed across to the Information Commissioner’s Office, which regulates firms’ use and care of people’s personal details. The ICO said: "All organisations have a responsibility to keep customers' personal information secure. Where we find, this has not happened, we can investigate and may take enforcement action."

Had trouble with a payday loan?

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Last updated: Tuesday, 11 April 2017


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