Brits waste billions on mobile phone contracts

Mobile phones are an important part of modern life. In fact, 93% of adults now own or use a mobile phone, and 14% of UK adults live in mobile-only homes.

This means that choosing the right mobile phone contract is crucial, and yet a study by Ofcom found that 51% of participants did not switch mobile phone provider, despite the fact that switching may have gotten them a better deal.

Many of Ofcom’s study participants cited ‘hassle’, ‘difficulty’ and ‘awkwardness’ as barriers to switching, suggesting that more education and support around switching mobile phone contracts may be required.

Consumers are starting to become savvier about switching in other areas of their lives – such as car insurance or energy suppliers – but it seems that mobile phone contracts are still an area where switching is perceived as futile or complex.

Mobile phone companies must do more to help people get the best deal, making switching hassle free and ensuring that pricing is transparent,” said Richard Lloyd, executive director of Which?

Given that Brits waste £5.4bn a year on ‘bad’ mobile phone contracts, this is clearly a problem that should be addressed. A recent report from Which? Found that a massive 72% of Brits could save up to £159 a year on their mobile phone contract simply by switching provider.

If your mobile phone contract is coming to an end, it could be time to consider switching provider. Loyalty isn’t always rewarded, so just because you’ve been with a particular provider for years doesn’t mean they’ll offer you the best deal. It’s worth shopping around to see if you could save money elsewhere.

To make switching easy, Carphone Warehousecompares deals on all the latest smartphones from all the major contract providers, so you don’t have to.

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Whatever your requirements, Carphone Warehouse will show you all the best deals. Switching phone providers just got easier!

Last updated: Tuesday, 11 April 2017


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