Getting to grips with energy suppliers

Choosing the right energy supplier can be a difficult task. With prices rising left, right and centre, and customer service levels for the big six leaving many consumers unsatisfied, it’s hard to know where to turn.

2017 has already seen multiple price rises from energy firms, with EDF Energy being the latest to hike their prices. Having already announced a price rise of 8.5% in December, EDF are now raising prices again. Dual tariffs are rising by 7.2%, and gas and electric tariffs are rising by 5.5% and 9% respectively.

The price increase will impact 1.5 million customers – almost half of EDF’s total customer base.

With price increases like these, it’s no wonder that millions of customers are switching energy providers every year. But should price be the only factor considered when switching?

Many of the major energy providers have been slammed in the past for poor customer service, leaving consumers confused about whether switching is really worth it if providers are so unhelpful during the switching process.

To help combat this, Citizens Advice has launched a new online tool to help consumers compare customer service ratings for the 18 biggest energy suppliers.

The tool uses a star rating system from one to five, and the number of stars awarded to each supplier is based on a combination of factors. These include complaints, ease of contact and – importantly, ease of switching and switching guarantee.

According to the tool, Ecotricity and Flow Energy have the best customer service, both with 4.25 stars, while npower, Scottish Power, and Extra Energy rank bottom with 3, 2.75, and 2.5 stars respectively.

If you’re looking to switch energy provider, we can help make the process simple! Use our online comparison tool to compare providers and find the right tariff for you. See if you can beat the price increases and get better customer service at the same time. You can also join our energy switching club to use the power of collective switching to drive your energy bills down. 

Last updated: Wednesday, 19 April 2017


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